Battlefield Bad Company 2 Competition Guide

You must first register a user account for the Newegg Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Tournament at the official site found at  It is important that you remember your username and password, as they will be required for a number of purposes including checking dates and times of upcoming matches and opening support tickets. 

Important Pages:

  • My Registration - Here you can view all of your upcoming matches and completed matches under the "My Matches" section, as well as the tournaments you are registered for under the "My Competitions" section.
  • Support - If you have a problem, dispute, general question, or otherwise need assistance, you can create a new support ticket on the support page.

Competition Flow:

1. You can view upcoming matches (including date and time), server information, match brackets, and your opponent’s contact information on the My Matches page. You must be logged in to view this page.

2. If BOTH teams are unable to make the match date and time specified on the schedule, both teams will need to open a support ticket.  Pending an administrator’s approval, both will teams will be permitted to reschedule to a date and time within 22 hours of the original match date.  The match must be played on one of the teams’ private server, to be agreed upon by both teams.  Remember, the match score must be reported via My Matches within 22 hours of the originally scheduled match.  If the score is not reported, both teams will be subject to a double forfeit and removal from the tournament.  If one team is present at the scheduled match time, and their opponents are not, the team that showed up will be awarded a forfeit win.

3. Teams must be online and available at least 15 minutes before the scheduled match time.  At match time, you will log onto IRC ( and join the channel “” on the channel network.  Server assignments will also be posted in the My Matches section but to facilitate the large number of players in the tournament, it is strongly suggested that players be on IRC during your scheduled match time.  For help using mIRC please see item #10 below.

4. Users must enter their correct EA Account username when registering on the Newegg Wanfest website. This will allow for easier means of communication between teams and administrators.

Connection Process:

5. Users join the assigned server at the match time and IP listed on the My Matches page.

6. Users join their assigned server (as found on the My Matches page) with their team assignment (Team A vs. Team B – Newegg Online Tournament) 

7. Once all participating players are active and ready in the server, a Newegg Administrator will start the match.

8. All players must take end game screenshots!  Please refer to the official BF:BC2

Rules for match rules & settings.  It is required that both teams take end-game screenshots should a dispute arises. 

9. Please refer to the official BF:BC2 Rules for overtime rules & settings.

10. After the match, it is the responsibility of the winning team to report the proper scores on the ‘My Matches’ page..  Double check to make sure the score is accurate on the bracket before submitting a support ticket for corrections.

11. In the event that a dispute arises, it must be brought to the attention of a tournament administrator via support ticket or IRC during half time or within 5 minutes of the conclusion of the match. Disputes will not be heard more than 10 minutes after the conclusion of the match.  Any disputes that arrise because a player is thought to be on a team but not rostered wil be handled at the administrator's discresion.  Any cheating disputes will require the uploading / linking of WeGame match video information and data. It is not required for you to record with WeGame, but it will be needed if you decide to dispute a team or you, yourself are disputed.

12. If your opponent doesn’t show up at the scheduled match time, after a 5 minutes grace period you will need to report a forfeit win via the My Matches section.  If you have wrongly been awarded a forfeit win or given a forfeit loss, you need to contact a tournament administrator immediately on IRC or via a support ticket.

13. If an issue occurs, or you require assistance at any time during the tournament, you may open a support ticket via the Support page. You may also speak to a live administrator via IRC ( to download the chat client) in channel on the network. 

To access the network, simply open your mIRC client and type “/s” followed by “/j”.  Administrators will be available during all scheduled matches. Please note that if a dispute arises, it must be filed either via support ticket or on IRC at half-time or directly after the match. 

14. Note that this competition guide could change based on the game’s current version.  Please check this document often for updates!